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The Final Meeting of the IVTN-2003
The Proceedings of the IVTN-2003 (PDF 2.6MB)Two conferences were held during this year in terms of the project: “Computer Applications in Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutics and Medicine” and “Computer Applications in fundamental and applied Physics and Mathematics” .
More than 550 participants from more than 150 organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Armenia, USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel and India have taken part in the conferences.
The Organizing committee thanks all the participants of the IVTN 2003 and looks forward to productive working in terms of the IVTN 2004.
On conferences in more than 140 reports, on on-line round desktops and seminars the different aspects of IT application in fundamental and applied scientific researches and in educational process were considered:
  • general problems and prospects of computer applications in science
  • computing and computing management (networks and parallel computation)
  • computer simulation
  • visualization in scientific researches
  • data processing, databases and data analysis
  • intelligence systems and technologies (decision-making, expert system etc.)
  • optimum procedures and design of experiments.
The idea of project belongs to NC Group/NVK "VIST". IVTN-2003 was sponsored by AMD Corporation and Oracle Corporation. Information sponsors: Russian Science News Agency "InformNauka", " Open Systems" publishing house and Internet-portal "". Technical support: Zenon N.S.P. Company.
One of the main events of 2003 was discovery of the special unit "IVTN-market" for assistance to the participants in picking out scientific and researches equipment. IVTN-market is aimed to help the participants of the conference in purchasing the hardware for scientific researches. All the participantes of have the unique chance to obtain all the necessary information about chosen positions directly from the vendors and to purchase the products by the lowest prices.
The development of modern science is too fast. It is confirmed by a lot of scientific conferences and seminars. Such events are very important for people which want to know last tendencies of scientific development, to increase the professional knowledge and skills. In this year the quantity of authors and readers on considerably increased. It is speaks about the friendly format of these scientific events and also about rising interest to modern information technologies as collaboration tools too.
The Organizing Committee thanks all participants of the IVTN-2003 and hopes to continue communications on conferences of the IVTN-2004. Organizing Committee
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