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Russian Science News Agency "InformNauka"
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In November 1999 the magazine "Chemistry and Life XXI Century" organized the Science News Agency "InformNauka" to supply an access to an information on Russian science events for journalists all over the world. We are sure if news about Russian science achievements continually appear on newspapers, radios, TV it will enhance the prestige of the science in Russian and abroad.
The Agency "InformNauka" gathers and spreads information about Russian science events. We send our news digests to Russian and foreign media. Customers of our news are mainly journalists writing about science. Our news is also available for science on-line issues, innovation companies and commercial firms.
InformNauka prepared about 40 messages weekly. Every Tuesday we send six-eight news stories in Russian to our subscribers. The size of one message is 500-700 words. Every news includes a full contact information. Since January 2000 our service need a payment. The best stories are translated in English and placed on European science press-center AlphaGalileo and scientific on-line journal Alchemist.
InformNauka is guided by thirty-five-year experience of science-popular magazine "Chemistry and Life". Therefore, the language of news made by InformNauka is clear for journalist, does not distort the sense and does not harm to scientist reputation.
Lubov Strelnikova, editor-in-chief of InformNauka
Russia, Moscow, 105005, Lefortovskij per, dom 8
Tel/Fax +7 (095) 267-54-18
E-mail: textmaster@informnauka.ru
URL: http://www.informnauka.ru/eng


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