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Moscow Excursion

Moscow, is a capital and, even more important, a familial heart of Russia. More than anywhere else in the country, it is in Moscow where the Soviet past collides with the capitalist future. Being scientific, business, cultural and historical center of the country, Moscow provides excellent opportunities for both scientific meetings and sightseeings. Kremlin, Bolshoy Theatre, Circus, Tretyakov and Pushkin Art Museums are just a few examples of “cultural pieces” of Moscow.

KREMLIN AND THE CATHEDRALS (930/730 Roubles, Euro 27*/21**)
Time of excursion: 2-3 hours
Moscow Kremlin is a unique architectural ensemble. It is famous for the ancient Sobornaya (Cathedrals') Square and cathedrals: Cathedral of the Annunciation; Assumption Cathedral where Russian tsars and imperators were crowned; Cathedral of the Archangel was a burial place for Grand Princes; Church of the Deposition of the Robe; the Patriarch's Chambers; Ivan the Great Bell Tower. The world-famous Tsar Canon and Tsar Bell became symbols of Moscow, and at the Senate Square, one can see buildings of former Senate and Arsenal (monument of architecture of Peter the Great time). The Great Kremlin Palace used to be a residence of Russian tsars and imperators; nowadays it is a residence of Russian President.
KREMLIN AND DIAMOND FUND (1410/ 1170 Roubles, Euro 41/34)
Time of excursion: 3-4 hours
In the Diamond fund exposition, one can see Tzars regalia, the crown of the Russian Empire, Russian and foreign medals, the biggest gold and platinum bars found in Russia, giant diamonds, numerous pieces of jewelry.
THE PUSHKIN MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (730/520 Roubles, Euro 21/15)
Time of excursion: 1-2 hours
Another art museum in the city of Moscow is the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, which was founded by, among others, Marina Tsvetaeva's father. The Pushkin Museum is similar to the British Museum in London in that its halls are a cross-section of world civilizations, with many plaster casts of ancient sculptures. However, it also hosts famous paintings from every major Western era of art; works by Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, and Pablo Picasso are all sampled there.
KOLOMENSKOE ESTATE (1000/690 Roubles, Euro 29/20)
Time of excursion: 2-3 hours
This is a former residence of Russian Tzars and princes, located in the outskirts of the city. In the XVI century Kolomenskoe was a favorite estate of the Great Prince Vasily III and then - of his son Ivan the Terrible. The oldest building in the Estate is the unique Church of Ascension, built in 1532. The church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist became a prototype of St. Basil's Cathedral at the Red Square.
SERGIEV POSAD (1310/930 Roubles, Euro 38/27)
Time of excursion: 6-7 hours
Sergiev Posad town is located in 62 km from Moscow. This town is often called Russian Vatican. In XIV century, Saint Sergius Radonezhsky founded one of the biggest and most famous Russian Monasteries - the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius. In the central Trinity Cathedral, the founder is buried. The most famous Andrew Rublev's icon - "The Trinity" was created specially for this cathedral.

* The price for each person in the group of 15 persons
** The price for each person in the group of 30 persons
These excursions should be booked and paid separately.

Registration via Internet is closed. On-site registration will be possible on September 1-5.

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